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    The Company

Officina Meccanica Elmi was established in 1957 by its founder Giuseppe Elmi. Under his leadership the company excelled in the production of small metal precision parts (nuts, tie rods and fasteners). In the 1970s and ’80s the company started making more complex components using the first Bechler and Strohm mechanical headstock lathes and the first Okuma CNC lathes which allowed the company to start supplying some really important customers such as Fiat, Piaggio, Weber, Same, Lamborghini, Ducati, Riva Calzoni and many more. In the 1990s the economic crisis and globalization drove the company into focusing on supplying precise and challenging products and services which are difficult to achieve in low cost countries. This is why in August 2000 Officina Meccanica Elmi decided to adopt a certified Quality Management System according to EN UNI ISO 9001, introduced a new software for accounting (Navision-Attain), for production and relative monitoring of works progress (Nicim-Atomos) and finally for quality (Quarta), thus computerizing acceptance on delivery, production and shipment control procedures. After over fifty years Officina Meccanica Elmi still manufactures a wide range of small metal parts used in various sectors, mainly in the fields of fluid power and hydraulics. Attention to quality and service, accompanied by extreme flexibility in production times and types, have made it possible for the company to become a supplier to many leading companies in Italy and abroad. Officina Meccanica Elmi is extremely flexible and models its production on customer needs, with small batches of 100 – 500 pieces and large batches of 500 – 10,000 pieces or more. Thanks to our big production capacity we are to absorb new work orders guaranteeing quick and punctual delivery times. Officina Meccanica Elmi can also deliver the finished product thanks to our collaboration with expert external suppliers which we have selected with great care over the years to carry out various types of processes as requested by customers, such as: heat treatments, surface treatments, grinding, lapping, small assemblies.

“The Earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the Earth”

Proverb of the Native American Duwamish Tribe

In the deep-seated knowledge that each and every one of us has an obligation to help preserve our planet, for a number of years Officina Meccanica Elmi has been dedicated to making sure its production activities have as little impact on the environment as possible. This has entailed making important investments and choices. In 2005 the old hydroelectric power station was reactivated and upgraded and now generates 500,000 kw/year whereas the company’s annual consumption is approximately 300,000 kw/year. In 2008 we also installed a small photovoltaic system which produces a further 12,000 kw/year. The company’s electricity needs are therefore entirely covered by our own production using renewable resources. In 2011 the company completed the installation of a wood chip biomass heating system to replace the old LPG one. We have also recovered heat from the compressors, insulated most of the warehouses and obtained a class B energy certificate for the plant.
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    Hydroelectric plant: 160 kw/h Kaplan turbine
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    SHARP 9.5kw/h Photovoltaic System
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    110kw Sommerauer & Lindner wood chip boiler