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   Machine inventory

The company has an extensive machine inventory which means we can quickly meet customer requests, creating a wide range of products used in various sectors. We produce small metal parts from bar stock as per customer drawings to the high standards guaranteed by over 60 years of experience and professionalism.


Thanks to the quality of our products and services, the company has become a supplier of small metal parts to many leading companies both in Italy and abroad. Implementation of a Quality Management System certified according EN UNI ISO 9001-2015 since the year 2000 is proof of our constant commitment to this aspect.


Another distinguishing feature of the company is our commitment to safeguarding the environment. This has led us to reactivate a hydroelectric power plant and install a photovoltaic system to provide enough renewable energy to meet all our needs. The thermal energy needed in the plant is provided by a wood chip boiler, thus avoiding any use of fossil fuels.

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The company is located in a geographically strategic position, just a few kilometres from both Bologna and Florence and is easy to reach from the main motorway routes.